Monday, June 21, 2010


Good works guys !! i think the presentation awesomely

Eninroth was a great project to work on and i think we all had some fun at some stage and everybody will have a nice piece of wisdom to take with them.

Some things to consider for the next project to ensure a better success would be as you may have guessed organization and dead lines! eninroth was a bit grey on this and if the next project gets its people to produce work when its NEEDED i think things may go better :)

In comparison to supernova we have taken a step in the right direction the problem plagued supernova was communication, enthusiasm and direction. Eninroth and t.e.d have overcome these issues and put forward a new line of problems to reflect on i hope that the next projects and the projects after will continue to to get learn from their predecessors.

o btw im trying to start a thing the 1st post on a new blog(tafe/project/game blog thing) needs to be called "getting started"
so far we got Supernova and Eninroth on the list :P

its been a pleasure to work with you all
Project leader of Eninroth Josh
Well done to everyone in Team Eninroth!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3D Update

Here's my bird textured, rigged and animated. I did it myself in case Josh didn't get the files from gonzo... so viola, here it is!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Texture map


Please check gonzo\Project Temp\Eninroth\Model\Steak for the texture map for my bird. You never gave me your email so I couldn't sent it to you lsat night. You'll find the texture maps there.

War Dog

My War Dog is done with animations and all :D
you can find it here: \\gonzo\Project Temp\Eninroth\Art\Models\Antony Bunn - War Dog
There is also a render here: \\gonzo \Project Temp\Eninroth\Resources\Presentation

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moon Flower

My Moon Flower.
Just thought I'd post the completed version.
Hey i have textured my war dog and put the biped in just have to do the animations

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Attention world design-yos!


not much for me also.

but yes! i come to ask that all of the level designers send me at least 2 pictures of their levels please? i am currently making the sounds. i have done quite abit of the FX sounds but i also need to do music. any scenic areas you have that truly capture the level's image, please send to me at

thank you :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey guys, it has been a while since I last posted something on this.

Anyways, We are making most excellent progress with our project! Everyone has been doing tonnes of awesome work getting this together. Cant wait til get this all complete and ready to show xD.

Had a bit of a scare where my current version broke and I couldnt work out why.. Thank god for backups!

With the current version there are are still a few bugs existing programming wise. These are:

  • Problem with the Dongar polearms. However Aaron will be fixing this up :)
  • I think I have the current version of William but there isnt a death animation to play o.O. But it doesnt crash when its played anyways so its not all bad.
  • This leads to the player respawning. After death, the player doesnt respawn properly ie. spawns in a different place, without a weapon etc.
  • Aaron I may need your updated AI code again.. my backup wasnt as updated as I would have liked.

Here are the current tasks left to do in order to have some form of a working demo:

  • Import Scotts level and populate that with AI and stuff like that
  • Populate Josh's Level with AI and other stuff (wont take long at all)
  • Finish the main quest and populate the levels with NPCs to obtain and finish these quests etc.
  • Sort out the Altic boss fight/survival quest
  • Use the gui designed by the cert 4 multimedia guys and link it to spells, health, etc.
  • Remove the current AFX spells and replace them with our own

If anyone else knows of anything else that needs doing just tell me and I shall add it to the list!

Right this needs to be done by monday so we have out work cut out for us!

Keep up the good work people!

Over and out

  • Some form of "you have completed the game" screen? ( low priority)

Snaky 1.2

Snaky fully coloured. has been edited from before...

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